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Samantha Cerney

Samantha Cerney is known for her love of colors, animals and love for her family. She originally was a pre-vet major at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas when she then discovered she couldn’t continue without art. She changed her major and moved to sunny San Diego to study animation at the Art Institute of San Diego-California. She graduated with her BS and immediately started teaching art at an elementary school. That led to her becoming the first fine arts painting teacher at the Rock Academy and writing the curriculum to grow the arts program there. After a couple years Samantha decided to step out of the art teaching role and become a full time homemaker to her two little boys and find her own unique painting style.

Samantha explored many different techniques, but found home when she started painting animals in neon colors, abstract splash and fine detail lines to finish off each painting. These paintings glow under black light and each color is perfectly placed to add definition to the creations. Samantha’s goal is to always put family first, but show her boys to never give up on a dream and it will happen!


Wet Kiss 20×60


A showcase of my works

“My dad in heaven is the pigment in my eyes, the paint in my brushes, the image in the clouds, the rain in my storm. He is my mystery and inspiration. I paint to be near him.”

– Samantha Cerney


Gem of the Sea 60×20


Don't take my word for it

“Her work really shows the personalities of the animals but with a unique color scheme that makes them stand out. I’d love to see these on display!”

MK Waiss

“Samantha is an incredible artist with such an awesome and unique ability to capture the life in animals. We are also so happy with the experience of having her do a custom piece for us.”

Ben Krupla


That’s how I work

When creating a new painting I love to have inspiration. If it’s a custom piece I search for inspiring photographs of the requested animal and send the client multiple options. Below are the steps taking throughout the length of the project.

Capturing the Heart

Once one animal captures the heart of my client I draw it onto the canvas (Client selects from a variety of sizes).

Neon Technique Time

I follow that with gesso paint black for the background and white where the animal is. After that has dried it’s a ton of layers with my neon technique.

Watching the Paint Dry!

This part is the most time consuming due to literally watching paint dry and making sure not to add too many colors at once preventing unwanted blending. Also this part is critical in capturing the right lighting and detail.

Picture Coming to Life

After the layers are perfection, the final details (face, whiskers, teeth, etc.) are added.

Creating the Action & Signature

If there is movement in the piece my favorite part is splashing white paint to create the action, then of course the signature.

Finishing Touches

Every painting is finished with a glossy varnish to protect them long term from fading and light damage. Once done, I give the client the option to name it if they’d like and when it’s in their hands I get to finally post pictures!

Progress Pictures

I love sending progress pictures along the way, but only if the client doesn’t want a surprise at the end.


Let's get in touch!

If you are interested in Samantha’s artwork are looking for a custom piece, please feel free to use the contact information below, or simply fill out the contact form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible!